Stone Family Photo Album

This Album covers the period of April 2003 to the present

I'll try to develop a more comprehensive album in the near future

Theta Chi Founder's Day Golf April 2003
More Golf

Still More Golf

Yet More Golf

Andy, William and Ranzo

Theta Chi National Officer Ron Ramos Aug. 2003

Nick with Mom in the pool Aug. 2003

Nick checks out the goats August 2003

Nick discusses corn with his great uncle May 2003

That's good corn!

The kids enjoy 'soap beards' October 2003

Grampa Dudley came to town with Uncle Matt & Brian Nov. 2003

Nick enjoys the train ride

Kayla, Dad and Brian on the train

This train has a family connection!

My Dad and me on the important train

Nick and Grampa discuss colors

Nick likes chips. Thanksgiving 2003

Kayla and Grandma Barbie Thanksgiving 2003

CJ and Grampa Herbie

Nick and Papa Nov. 2003

My wife and I enjoy lunch together Nov. 2003

2003 Stone Family Xmas Card

Nick's always eating!

Nick liked the truck he got for Christmas

My stepbrother Mike and his fiancee Rachael Robbins Xmas 2003

Mike and Rachael

Kayla got a kitten for Christmas

Scoping out the loot!

Dad, wake up! We want to open presents!

Kayla and CJ pause while opening presents

Nick likes trucks!

Christmas 2003 breakfast

Opening presents

Nick enjoyed the wrappers as much as the gifts

No tickling Papa!

Nick gets in the swing January 2004

Ice cream gives me a headache

On the trail with Cowboy Nick Feb. 2004

The trailhands riding home Feb 2004

A day at the races Jan 2004

Nick decided it would be cool to rub vaseline on his face

Reading is Fun!

Mom, you sit here!

CJ in karate class Jan. 2004

With my lovely wife

Big Bear ski trip Jan. 2004

Snowball fight!

CJ snowboarding

CJ rips it up on the slopes

Kayla takes a slide


Kayla and Nick tubing

Home from the ski trip

April 2004 Founder's Day Golf outing

Josh, Brad, Jeff and Rich before the 1st tee

My foursome Me, Joe, Greg and William

2004 Founder's Day Banquet

Brad won an award so James and I wanted a picture with him

Dropping off the sponsorship check for the 2004 UCLA Student Film Festival

CJ gets his green belt April 2004

Kayla loves her Papa

CJ's birthday dinner March 2004

Happy Birthday!

CJ's birthday party with friends March 2004

CJ and his "friend"