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There are many organizations, activities and individuals that I support and, or encourage. The following is a list of hyperlinks to some of those groups and individuals. I will do my best ot keep this list of links current, but as it is a static page and I have not integrated a blog server (yet) updates are a manual process. Please also note that some of the following links are repeated on my professional resume.


My contact information


Where I work

Sun Microsystems, Inc.


Where I used to work

FOOD Share, Inc.

Food Share, Ventura County's community food bank. This is a fantastic organization where I was honored to work for almost two years as General Manager and IT Director. FOOD Share helps to feed approximately 35,000 unique individuals each month. These individuals receive food assistance via a network of over 240 charitable organizations (churches, Elk's Lodges, Boy's and Girl's Clubs, etc.) which receive food directly from the food bank and in turn distribute food to the individuals. The food bank acts as a distributor; collecting bulk donations and in certain cases purchasing food stuffs which are warehoused. Volunteers are always welcome as are donations.


My University


University of California, Los Angeles. Pretty much self explanatory.


UCLA "Shorttakes" Student Film Festival - Producer

One of the great things about being an alumnus of UCLA is the opportunity to give something back to the school and the student community. Two years ago I became involved with this film festival as a producer, providing financial resources, promoting the festival and securing the services of entertainment industry judges.


My High School

Lick-Wilmerding College Preparatory

I attended a very rigorous private college preparatory high school in San Francisco, CA. The school is a former trade and technical arts school that was converted to a college preparatory curriculum in the early 70's. The school still maintains its shops and technical arts programs which are fairly unique in this day and age of education budget cuts.


Innovation 2 Market - AKA

Shane Ahern is one of my friends from high school. Shane just graduated from UC Berkeley with a Master's in Information Management and Systems (good on ya' Shane!). Shane just started working for Yahoo! in the new Yahoo! Research Labs, Berkeley. As seniors in high school, Shane and I developed a computer game based on a popular "trivia" game written in Microsoft Quick Basic.


Bruce Campbell

Quite possibly the finest "entertainer" working today. Bruce is a self-described "B-list" actor (which really means blue collar - and that's a good thing, IMHO). The star of one of my all time favorite movies The Evil Dead (and subsequent sequels), Bruce has his own web site which is worth a peek.


Newbury Park - AYSO Region 42

I am a big advocate for youth sports. As such, I put my time (and sometimes money) where my mouth is and volunteer as a member of the board of directors for the local AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization). I run the Under-8 Boys Division, I coach two teams (my daughter and eldest son's teams) and generally enjoy teaching kids how to play the most popular team sport in the world.


Newbury Park Basketball Association

Another fine youth sports organization. My oldest son (I have two sons) played his first year of basketball this past winter. A good time was had by all!


Evolution Robotics and alternatively LEGO (TM) Mindstorms

My eldest son and I started experimenting with robots and robot kits this summer. We like these.


Dina LaVigna Breath of Life Fund - Triforlife

Dina LaVigna passed away several years ago from complications of Primary Immunodeficiency Syndrome. In her memory her friends and family started an annual triathlon in her memory. The race is a fundraiser for the Dina LaVigna Breath of Life Fund which contributes to the improvement of patient care facilities throughout the United States. Please visit the site to learn more. If you are in Ventura during the June/July timeframe, come on out for the race!


Starlight/Starbright Foundation


Beta Alpha Alumni Association of Theta Chi Fraternity


More to follow later.


Pete "webmaster" Stone


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